Plano Child Support Attorneys

Mothers and fathers alike commonly turn to Plano child support attorneys. Whether you are paying child support or receiving it, this topic can be very emotionally charged. It’s also a very complex legal topic. The child support attorneys in Plano TX with the Law Offices of Rita C. Dixon PLLC can help you navigate those complexities. We’ll do everything we can to take as much stress out of the process so you can spend the quality time you crave with your beloved child.

What if My Ex Refuses to Let Me See My Child?

Plano child support attorneys are often asked to get involved when ex spouses disagree on child support and child custody issues. This often means children are caught in the middle, perhaps because one parent will refuse to allow the other parent visitation rights. The parent responsible for paying child support will sometimes threaten to withhold child support payments as a result. Child support attorneys in Plano TX should advise you that is never a good idea – in fact, a parent cannot withhold visitation because child support has not been paid. Visitation, often called possession, is a separate issue than child support. And failing to pay child support does not prevent the non-paying parent from having visitation with the child.

There are a lot of painful consequences that can result from a parent refusing to pay child support. The non-paying parent’s bank account could be seized, as well as any tax refunds they may be expecting. Liens can be placed against real estate, wages can be garnished, and even passports can be denied. In extreme cases, the non-paying parent could be put in jail for up to six months.

So, what are your rights if your ex suddenly decides you can’t see your children? You need to get in touch with experienced child support attorneys in Plano TX as soon as possible. Don’t threaten to withhold payment. Hire an attorney instead. If we have to take your ex-spouse to court to enforce your existing child custody order, that’s exactly what we’ll do. There’s a chance, however, that even the threat of legal action (through a letter or other correspondence) will cause a change of heart, and you’ll be able to see your children once again.

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