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Focused On Estate Planning

Proper estate planning provides value to our families that is often not understood fully until you experience life without it. Sadly, this is the lesson far too many families have suffered. When the unexpected happens, estate planning should be prepared in advance to serve as a support system to the family. Estate planning provides an avenue for families to have clarity during times of confusion, peace in times of emotional distress and confidence in times of vulnerability.

It is important to remember that estate planning should be done in the present and in advance of any emergencies. Oftentimes, individuals wait until there is an impeding surgery, an illness, or a disagreement before considering estate planning. However, procrastination only causes estate planning to be rushed, stress, and in some cases too late. It is better to plan on a sunny day than on a rainy day at any point of the year. Now is always a good time to start the process.

The benefits of estate planning should far outweigh the fear and hesitancy of getting started. Even if you feel you do not own real property or “have an estate” you and your family will benefit greatly from estate planning. Please contact our office today to schedule your estate planning session.


Top 5 Reasons to get an Estate Plan

  1. Preserve assets for the family legacy.
  2. Saves your family money.
  3. Protects against emotional vulnerability.
  4. Saves your family time.
  5. Gives your family needed guidance.


Your Estate Plan Package

  • Estate Planning and Education Session (in Person or via Zoom Virtual Session)
  • Draft and Execution of Will (Last Will and Testament)
  • Draft and Execution of Powers of Attorney – Medical, Limited, Durable
  • Draft and Execution of HIPAA Release
  • Draft and Execution of Living Will (Advanced Directive)
  • Draft and Execution of Appointment of Disposition of Remains
  • Draft and Execution of Declaration of Guardian
  • Adult and Child


Other Package Options

  • Draft and Execution of Revocable Living Trusts
  • Draft and Execution of Gun Trusts