COVID has ushered in a new era in providing legal services.  The legal system is still in the process of adjusting to Zoom hearings and trials and also trying to catch up on the backlog of cases that were delayed due to COVID.  Most court systems and legal teams have now adjusted to virtual consultations and meetings as well as hearings.  The virtual universe has had many positive impacts on the legal system, by increasing convenience and productivity.  However, since COVID there has also been an increase in the need for legal services.  Furthermore, there have also been staffing issues and delays within the court system.  This combination has led to increased wait times to resolve your legal matters.

It is important to remember that your legal team strives to juggle client needs with the delays that may come from working with the opposing counsel or party as well as scheduling hearings when the court has availability on the court’s docket.  Most individuals want their legal matter resolved as soon as possible and that is very understandable.  You are most likely tired, frustrated and concerned about multiple issues all at the same time.  Furthermore, unless your case is a contingent fee case, then your legal matters are costing you more legal fees and expenses as your case continues.  Although you may want your case to be over as soon as possible, the legal system does not work as quickly as you may have thought.  If you have concerns that your case is taking longer than you believe it should, express those concerns clearly to your legal team.

Another factor that may be affecting your case wait times are delays with either party producing or gathering the needed information to exchange with the other party in order to effectively move a case forward.  Clients often times are unwilling or unable to get the attorneys the information the legal team needs to properly handle their case.  Response times in receiving information from clients and the opposing counsel or party may effect wait times.  Sometimes, clients forget that their case requires their cooperation and assistance.  It is a partnership that is needed in order for your case to be successful.  It is the job of your legal team to handle the legal aspects of your case as well as the ability to extract the necessary relevant facts from you and apply them to your case strategy.  Nevertheless, your legal team must have your cooperation and help.

One more factor that may prolong a case are clients having unrealistic expectations.  What can truly be accomplished within the confines of the legal system is oftentimes less than desirable to both parties.  This is why it is always better if the parties are able to reach an agreement.  At the end of the day, your legal team will encourage you to find middle ground because you are in the best position to decide what is best for you and your case.  A judge or a jury is almost always not in the best position to decide what is best for you and your family because in truth judges and juries only make decisions based on what is presented in court.  Of course this is never an accurate portrait of reality and the result may not be in your best interest.  It is the job of your legal team to put your best foot forward in court, but the outcome is not guaranteed. Therefore, the goal is for you to get the result that has the most positive impact on your life considering the legal circumstances of your case.

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