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Focused On Winter Preparation

As we reflect on the close of this year, we are also looking forward to the new year to come. We will reflect on what went right, what did not go so well and what could be improved upon. At the end of the day, we want to bring the new year in with a fresh outlook and energetic spirit. In the meantime, we also need to prepare for the winter months ahead. Preparing our minds and home for winter will set us up for a rewarding spring. If our office can help you reach these goals, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help you transition into new seasons.

Preparing for Yourself and

the Family

    1. Emergency Kits/Go Bags
      • Supply with batteries
      • Stock with flashlights
      • Buy a first aid kit
    2. Purchase Fire Proof / Water Proof Lock Box
      • Store your estate planning documents (ie. Will and Power of Attorney)
      • Important documents (ie. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
    3. Pick Up Needed Medication

Preparing your Home and Cars

  1. Protect your pipes
    • Open cabinet doors
    • Keep the stream of water running from faucets
    • Insulate outside faucet
  2. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  3. Check and clean furnaces, broilers and chimneys
  4. Get your vehicle winter ready
    • Have an ice scraper on hand
    • Keep a warm blanket in the trunk
    • Keep water and snacks handy